Monday, 28 March 2016

2016 Report is Coming!

I haven't forgotten!!!  I know I still need to finish my 2015 report and I will do that very I can get started on the 2016 report!!!

But for the moment I am just concentrating on our side trip that we did during our Isla Mujeres holiday this year....Havana Cuba!!!  

I've started a blog about our was amazing!!!!

If you're interested......

Click here  ► Doreese in Cuba

Thanks for your patience....

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Isla Mujeres 2015 ~~ Day 24

Day 24

Sunrise at 7:11AM today….sitting in my happy spot taking it all in….

Hearty breakfast day….this has become a bad habit but it’s such a yummy way to start the day.  Besides, we need sustenance for all the hard work we do every day…haha!

I’m in charge of clean up while Vince dashes off to Pelicanos to pick up our zoom zoom….all shiny and new!

Off we go…down the west side stopping in at one of our favourite spots, Capitán Dulché….

I love coming here just to enjoy the quiet vibe and greenery.  The staff is wonderful and the place is just immaculate.  Excellent food too.  Plus they have live music…a couple of nice guitar players when we were there.  Can’t say enough good things about it!  Here’s a little tour…

After our nice little rest, we get back on ‘Red’ and zoom down to Punta Sur area, stopping to take in the view of the unreal colours near Garrafon….

This view never gets old…

There’s a kite flying overhead…

Heading up the east side road…..yes, these are ‘ruins’, but not ancient Mayan ruins…simply someone who started building and never finished…still scenic….

He loves his zoom zoom….many thanks to Vince’s mom who gave us the scooter rental as a holiday gift!

Time for a walk on the beach…

By mid afternoon we are home again, and venture the few steps to relaxation on our balcony.  The end to a perfect day as the sun dips into the sea…

Since we have Red now, we can venture out for dinners…Off to La Bruja, but they are closed.  Next try, Daisy & Raul…totally full.  Looked for Kash Keken Chuc’s new take out place but don’t think it’s open at night.   Last try, Basto’s…closed.  Well phooey!  We end up going to Chedraui and picking up some nice ham, cheese, avocado and fresh buns.

We eat our subs while watching the latest Survivor show.  Finish it off with maple walnut ice cream….delicious!